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Where does United fly from Chicago?

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United Airlines, Inc. is the largest American airline based in Chicago, Illinois, with Willis Tower headquarters. United maintains a vast national and regional network of roads serving large and small cities in the United States and all six continents. United flies to over 200 destinations from the city of Chicago, to book your tickets with United contact United Airlines Reservations.

Some popular destinations united flies to from Chicago are:


Amsterdam is one of the largest tourist destinations in Europe, the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is also the main cultural centre in the world with its universities, academies and research institutes, along with over 40 museums, various theatres and entertainment venues.

The city is known for its many well preserved historical houses, constructed as a fan in a concentration pattern and built on piles pressing the solid, sandy land up to 18 metres below through an upper layer of mud.


Renowned for its cultural heritage, Dublin is located on a wide bay between Howth in the north and the Dalkey headland in the south. The Liffey river flows into the harbour and splits the town into two parts. Several bridges cover the north-south gap, O'Connell Bridge being the most prominent of them. Everyone is a fun spot to wander and enjoy the essence of the capital.


Britain is a global leader in tourism, drawing more than 20 million tourists from around the world per year. The UK's capital is a thriving culture and arts centre (theatres are still busy) and the country's music scene is always rocking 50 years since the Beatles.

London is also one of the most prominent cultural destinations in the world. You will spend countless days enjoying the most stunning sights in London without ever overlooking exciting activities to see and do from royal palaces to parliament, from museums and cathedrals to riding a massive Ferris wheel for spectacular views of the river Thames. And many of the best places to visit are free of charge as an extra incentive.


This densely populated city is worth discovering in East-Central Honshu, the biggest of Japan's major islands. Tokyo's artistic side is known for its many events and highlights, including parks, concerts, globally recognised food and professional sports clubs including baseball, basketball, as well as traditional Japanese wrestling. The Royal Palace and the Seat of government and Parliament are also located in Tokyo, Japan's capital. It also provides several locations, from Japanese to western dramas, symphony orchestras and pop-rock concerts. It is also a region abundant in music and drama.

To visit the United Airlines Official Site if you need assistance for flight reservations or other support that is required for scheduling your flight to various popular destinations from Chicago.

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